Saturday, July 2, 2011

American Pride

American Pride
By Rob Watson

A poll by Fox News, July 2, 2011, showed 46% of respondents answered "Yes " to the question: "Are you proud of America, this July 4? 15% more answered "sometimes". 34% said "NO".

For the NO respondents, I should like to remind you 742,000 Americans died in combat, fighting for your right to DIS your country. 437,000 more died of disease and accidents, ( more than half of the non combat deaths were Union soldiers during the Civil War). Another 1,269,000 suffered combat related injuries. (I have removed the Civil War casualties from the Confederate states, as they were fighting for their own rights, not yours.)

Tens of millions of others put their lives on hold, in war and peace, to guard you and yours from those who would challenge your right to life, liberty, and happiness.

It is true that from time to time an American will behave in a manner not consistent with the American image of Americans. These people reflect negatively on all of us and should disowned. However, Americans do great good, world wide, for the health, happiness, well being, and rights of non Americans.

There may be some questions about the good done by US foreign aid, but non government charities, sponsored by Americans, vastly over compensates for the damage done by other, unamerican Americans.

In general, a person should be proud of his country, whichever one it might be. Nations were formed from like-minded people for their own preservation. Statistics show that half of all people world wide, who leave their native country and move to another, come to America. Perhaps, for reasons not apparent to you NO respondents.

This brings to mind a true story. In the 1960's a young black man joined the Black Panthers. He participated to the full in unlawful activities. It was claimed that he also participated in assaults, murders, and bank robberies. He fled the United States to avoid judgement and punishment for his crimes. He spent many years wandering from one "enlightened" country to the next. He returned to the United States after his wanderings and turned himself in to the police. His quote, as best I remember it was "Do what you have to do to me. This is the greatest country on earth and I want to live here." (This may have been Eldrige Cleaver. He became a convert to the LDS church and the Republican Party)

I do not entreat you to be proud of your country. I suggest you look for reasons to firmly carry that pride in your heart. If you cannot, then, borrowing a phrase from a popular sign seen mostly in the old Confederate states: "Put your heart in Dixie (America) or get your ass out". No exceptions.

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