Friday, October 5, 2012

A Guide

By Rob Watson

The first things you see on opening my blog are three quotations. The first two are an apology of sorts for the style and content of my posts. The third is, I hope, a guide to happiness for any who would take it to heart. My description of myself is simply a warning about what you may find in these posts.

You will find, in these posts, very little to identify anyone. This is because I have a great distrust of a small fraction of the people which might be looking on. With one billion people on Facebook and the uncounted hundreds of millions more attached to the internet. It is possible not every one of them will seek the best interests of myself, my friends, and my family.

The name I chose to use, I hope, will keep my identity hidden by the vast number of Robert, Rob, and Bob Watsons in the world. I seek, and feel I shall find, neither fame nor fortune by this effort. Indeed, if lightning strikes, I shall be shocked, as many who know me might be. I write in the first person singular because the proper "one" leaves some doubt about who I am. It exposes a certainty about who did what, and gives, I am embarrassed to say, the indication that I may be an egotist. You should judge, but not harshly.

Writing has been passed to me in my genes, from my dear mother. Reading her early writing shows she had the urge. The inspiration for my style comes from my favorite writer, Mark Twain. I try to write the strictest truth but am sorely tempted by the admonition from O Henry: A tale belongs to the one who tells it best. Besides, on the internet, no one of sound mind expects to find the strictest truth.

If you divide the 1000 visits to this site by the 82 stories here, one comes up with the calculation that I have 12 faithful friends and the .5 accounts for souls lost, wandering around the internet who stumble upon it. For you, my faithful friends, I hope you find knowledge, inspiration, entertainment, and assurance that no mater how weird you fear yourself to be, there is Rob Watson who is weirder yet.

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